Are you looking for me, MF?

Silicon Valley’s favorite word – PMF. Product Market Fit.

But it is not enough to have MF in only your product. Every aspect of your business needs to have MF. More than likely some or all segments of your company are broken – marketing, management, fundraising whatever.

We can break it down even further, for example do you have market fit for your email marketing or PPC campaigns? Are you getting ridiculous ROI that you cannot keep up with?

If your answer is anything but resounding YES! then you need to work on finding that MF. Optimize MF!

Iterate every aspect of your business until you find the market fit. Again, MF is not just for the product, it can be applied to every aspect of your company.

And you can start on it now. It begins with the email you send to your first prospect or when you sit down to write the first line of code. If you are sorta established, then start looking for opportunities where you can find MF.

Never stop the continuous cycle of Iterate > Learn > Iterate